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  (I) Name of event: the 9th China (Beijing) International Garden Expo (Hereinafter referred to as “the Expo”)

  (II) Opening Date: May through November, 2013

  (III) Overall Objective: Building the Expo park into a demonstration area where the most advanced technologies and artistic achievements of modern garden are exhibited, a international-standard low-carbon, green and ecological pilot zone, fostering the park into a resplendent pearl on Yongding River Green and Eco-Development Zone, and making it an enchanting project which “builds a elaborate garden in the world city, and practices the idea of building a Culture-enriched Beijing, Technology-empowered Beijing, and Environment-friendly Beijing”.

  (IV) Site Selection: Considering the reality of regional economic growth in Fengtai District, in combination with the construction of Yongding River Green and Eco-Development Zone, and with the aim to maximize the role of Expo in driving the overall development of the area on the west bank of Yongding River in Fengtai District, based on preliminary site selection and repeated studies, the site for the Expo was eventually finalized to be located on the west of Yongding River in Fengtai District, Beijing, which stretches from Lianshi West Road on the north to the westward extension of Meishikou Rd on the south, and from west wall of Eagle Mountain on the west and to the new right bank of Yongding River on the east, adjoining Jingzhou New Line on the northwest and occupying a total area of 267 hectares.

  The selected site is on the western development belt stated in Beijing’s overall plan and an integral part of forestry isolation area in Beijing. According to the Action Plan for Accelerating the Development of the Southern Part of Beijing issued by Beijing Municipal Government, the area is the core zone of the Yongding River Green and Eco-Development Belt which is included in the “1 axis, 1 belt, and multiple parks” zone.

  (V) Dimensional Layout: According to the characteristics of the selected area, the dimensional layout featuring “1 axis, 2 points, 3 belts and 5 parks” will be addressed in the layout. 1 axis represents the Expo axis stretching from the east through west; 2 points are China Garden Museum and Splendid Valley; 3 belts include 3 corridors extended from “Zhongguancun Technological Park Fengtai Section West” to the Expo park; 5 parks are the 5 core exhibition areas with diversified characteristics, i.e. Traditional Exhibition Park, Modern Exhibition Park, Innovation Exhibition Park, Ecological Exhibition Park and International Exhibition Park.