Jingmen Park


  Jingmen Exhibition Park of the 9th China (Beijing) International Garden Expo (hereafter referred to as "Jingmen Exhibition Garden") is located in the Modern Exhibition Garden, covering an area of more than 1700 square meters. Jingmen Exhibition Garden unfolding its setting with the theme of "the Agriculture Valley of China", telling the farming cultures of the Yan Emperor Shennong, which is that "Start to grow five cereals to be the food of civilians".

  The designer takes Qujialing farming culture as the design concept. Curve river system (Han River) runs through the whole garden. There are three granary landscapes with participatory cultural activities experience, whose meanings take from "source of cereal, prosperity of cereal and hope of cereal", surrounded by curve water, bring a feeling of "the China Granary is encircled by curve water" to the tourists.

  In terms of plant landscaping, with a combination of the landform, Jingmen Exhibition Garden uses a multi-level combination of arbor, shrub and grass, etc, which are set to highlight the characteristics of each landscape district.

  Qujialing culture gets its name because it was found at Qujialing in Hubei province. From the era of living and the area of activities, Qujialing culture is the legendary culture of the Yan Emperor Shennong. The design concept of the designer is a memorial and demonstration for this.